Feline Reflections by Nalini

Nalini's Feline Reflections is sustenance for the soul. Expansive, restorative music, harmonized with nature itself. The vast nurturing mountains, washed in blues and purples, and draped in music that moves gently through your spirit like mist through the forests. This pure, intimate performance of acoustic piano music is elegantly simple, yet richly complex. Blended with the nocturnal sounds of nature and a tasteful touch of feline vocals, the delicate filigrees give way to rich, bass notes, and melt again into playful ballet. Based in classical roots, these original compositions transcend the boundaries of traditional musical categories.

Click Here to Order!The quiet shyness of morning. The bold and bright daylight, soaring high in eagle's flight. The mysterious melodies of peaceful twilight. Interludes along this soulful journey reflect the soothing echoes of home. Gentle raindrops on the porch roof. Purring, cozy comfort. And lighthearted dance. Hear it, and uplift your soul.

1. Reverence     (4:15)
Nalini's acoustic piano filigrees intertwine with Pocore's purrful contentment, representing the essence of the comfort that Albert Schweitzer found in music and cats.

2. The Tuna Waltz     (4:27)
Click to listen to samplePlay and pleasure are the feline forte, joyfully expressed by Phyrum and Agmorn in accompaniment to this lighthearted piano waltz.

3. Azure Memories     (4:35)
Click to listen to sampleThe intimate, mysterious feel of this piece invites memories of moments gone by. The haunting sound of the piano, interwoven with the gentle comfort of rhythmic purring, awakens images of another time.

Pure and expressive piano performances, these four movements unfold in musical reflections of the day's circadian rhythms.

4. Sacred Dawn     (6:33)
Shrouded in mist, the quiet shyness of morning emerges, revealing the promise of the day.

5. Eagle's Flight     (4:32)
Flying high above the mountains, spirits soar - ascending, dipping, gliding - in joyous abandon, before coming home to rest.

6. Evening Storm     (5:02)
The many moods of the piano portray the contrasting elements of a storm, from the power of the deluge to the comfort of the gentle rain on the roof.

7. Twilight Reflections     (6:24)
Peace and calm return as the day comes full circle, offering reassurance that resonates with the sounds of night.

8. Distant Spirit     (5:58)
The contemplative mood of this piece recalls ancestral meditations echoed from a distant age. Rich bass notes form a backdrop for subtly expressed nuances.

9. Feline Conversations     (4:18)
Cats communicate, uninhibited, in a language that expresses their innermost spirit. Pleasure, comfort, curiosity and mischief, are among the vocalizations that bridge feline harmony with playful musical expression.

10. Echoes of Home     (7:15)
As the fullness of Nalini's rich piano harmony surrounds you, nature adds a vesper chorus. Let your spirit be lifted as you return home once more to the familiar comfort of this prayerful lullaby.

Liner Notes: Melissa Robinson

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  Phyrum (Fy-ruhm)   Pocore (Poe-koh-ray)   Agmorn (Ag-morn)

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